The Westgate Block Watch is a collection of people working in varying capacities for the security and beautification of the Westgate area of the City of Flint. This web site aims to be a collation of the available resources in our area, upcoming events, and forums for trading ideas and observations about what is happening in our neighborhood.

New Blue Badge Program Offering

FLINT, Michigan -- The city is having another round of training sessions for residents who want to become police volunteers.

This is the second set of sessions for the Blue Badge Volunteer program. It is a series of six training sessions for residents interested in helping police with traffic control for major events, administrative duties and community relations functions.

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City of Flint removes the Ombudsman Office

Last week, Brown fired Ombudswoman Brenda Purifoy and Civil Service Director Edward Parker as part of his first order terminating seven city employees.

These two orders issued today eliminate their offices, as well as any other employees in those departments.

Upcoming Events

Dear Resident:

Public safety is the number one concern for residents all across this city. I want to assure you that Chief Alvern Lock and I are committed to a public safety strategy that will result in a significant reduction in crime in our city.

This e-mail is meant to highlight our advances in the fight against crime in our city and to showcase the hard work of our skilled and highly trained men and women of the Flint Police Department.

Dayne Walling, Mayor
City of Flint

Public Safety e-mail September 30, 2011

Paper on the software used in block watch groups

In the past, there has been questions about what software can be used for aiding block watch groups. Attached is a paper offering some suggestions based on ease of use, abilities, and economics available to most community groups.

Crime Watch Training

April 21, 2011
7:00 pm
Neithercut Elementary School
Registration suggested for adequate workshop material

More information on the attached fliers in PDF and Word format.

Please feel free to print a few out and share them with your neighbors (and give a few to them to share with theirs!)

Crime Statistics from March Meeting

Dorsey was good enough to once again assemble the crime statistics for the area. Good news! They are trending down! Attached is a scan of the report.

Next meeting on Thursday April 21, 2011 at Neithercut Elementary School

The next group meeting will be on April 21, 2011 at Neithercut Elementary School at 7:00pm!

Demolished Houses Map

We have all been hearing about the abandoned homes being demolished. Here is a link to the mlive site with a map of the homes:

Deleted Spam Comments

It appears no one is really using the commenting function other than the spammers. Planning on closing this ability or to make comments moderated only. We'll see how it goes until March 1, 2011.

Contact Web Site

Contact the web site administrator at for story/article ideas, corrections, and other problems.

We want some "Word on the street" also - if you have crime reports or such, please email them in so we can alert the neighborhood these things are happening and can do something about it.

Next Meeting

There will be another meeting Thursday April 21, 2011 7:00pm at Neithercut Elementary School. Mark it on your calendars!